Catch Up On 11 Days Of Crypto News: SEC, Ripple, Mashinsky & More

• Alex Mashinsky of Celsius was arrested and pleaded not guilty to charges of securities fraud, commodities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to manipulate the price of CEL (Celsius’ token).
• The federal judge overseeing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s case against Ripple Labs published a decision on the motions for summary judgment, ruling that while Ripple violated securities laws in its institutional sales, it did not do so in putting XRP on exchanges and letting the retail public buy the tokens through those intermediaries.
• The U.S. Secret Service seized around $58 million in funds belonging to Deltec Bank as part of an investigation into an international money laundering investigation.


Nikhilesh De was on vacation for 11 days but before he left he sent a list of things that happened during that time related to crypto regulation and legal aspects which are discussed in this article

Alex Maschinsky Arrested

Alex Mashinsky from Celsius was taken into custody and pleaded not guilty for charges including securities fraud, commodities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy with manipulating prices of CEL (Celsius’ token). This led SEC, CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to file lawsuits against him with executives such as Shlomi Daniel Leon and Hanoch “Nuke” Goldstein were also included in it.

Ripple Ruling

A federal judge who was handling SEC’s case ruling against Ripple Labs issued their decision regarding motion for summary judgement where they mentioned that even though Ripple has violated security laws while selling tokens institutionally but no violation occurred when XRP tokens were put up on exchange platforms for retail customers through these middle men.

G20 Recommendations & Marathon Digital Holdings Shareholder Suing

The G20 welcomed Financial Stability Board recommendations regarding stablecoin & crypto asset activity arrangements followed by a Marathon Digital holdings shareholder suing company directors & officers suspecting them of doing something unlawful .

U.S Secret Service Seizing Funds

The US secret service seized millions worth funds from Deltec Bank which were being used for international money laundering activities however Deltec confirmed their cooperation with US law enforcement agencies & their intentions to claim back their funds legally.