Bitcoin Surges to Highest Price Since June, Reaches $30K

• Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $30,000 for the first time since June 2022.
• The surge was difficult to pinpoint, but investors have recently been more optimistic about the crypto’s prospects following last month’s banking crisis.
• An hour-long exploration of Ethereum advancements defining the community in 2023 will take place at the Austin Convention Center.

Bitcoin Surges to Reach Highest Price Since June

Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $30,000 for the first time since June 2022, reaching its highest price since then. Analysts were unable to pinpoint a cause for this surge however investors have become more optimistic about bitcoin’s prospects in light of last month’s banking crisis.

Market Analyst Breaks Down Bitcoin Rally

eToro Market Analyst Josh Gilbert has broken down the recent rally seen in bitcoin, which is currently trading at $29,616 after surpassing $29,744 earlier today. Gilbert provides insights on how crypto markets could react to recent actions from regulatory officials and gives a closer look at an upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade.

James Rubin – CoinDesk U.S News Editor

James Rubin is CoinDesk’s U.S news editor based on the West Coast and can be followed @JPRubin23 on Twitter.

Deep Dive: Ethereum Protocol Village

The Ethereum Protocol Village will be hosted at Austin Convention Center where attendees can join an hour-long exploration of advances defining the Ethereum community in 2023 as well as secure their seat there.


This article discussed how Bitcoin prices rose past $30K for the first time since June 2022 due to investor optimism following last month’s banking crisis. It further explored how Josh Gilbert broke down this rally and gave insights into upcoming changes to Ethereum that will define it’s community in 2023. James Rubin from CoinDesk was also mentioned as a US news reporter based on the West Coast who can be followed @JPRubin23 on Twitter